A Model Ambassador is an outstanding individual who spearheads a project with the purpose related to achieving and promoting the Global Goals for Sustainability. (SDG’s) or commonly known as The Global Goals.

The Primary objective of The Model Ambassador is to create ideas into opportunities. This is achieved by connecting promising people, partners and sponsors with each other to collectively provide resources and tools, necessary to support and promote Global Goals related projects in an efficient and effective manner. In support of this initiative, The MAP (Model Ambassador Program) provides a diversified set of support services and collaborative strategies that will assist promising Model Ambassadors the ability to expand there initiatives in an accelerated fashion.

Participants can expect strategic collaborations and joint cooperative projects with;


Effective collaboration between Government agencies, professional providers, NGO’s, academic institutions and esablished commercial entities.


Provide streamlined access to the necessary components for effective project financing. As well as develop efficient systems for joining promising new business ideas with those that already poses meaningful efforts towards achieving the Global Goals.


Help provide access to skills, hands-on participation, accelerating a person’s ability to effectively address the projects challenges to provide a clear purpose and effective outcome.

Universal Models for Peace is a a proud sponsor for the Model Ambassador Program.

For more information and to sign up please visit here.

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